50 Shades of Gains

One of our husband and wife teams in action.


Run 800m


Hamstring Stretch + Rollout: Find the pain


If you aren't seeing the Doc you are missing out!

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


  • Banded Bench Press
  • GHD Sit-up
  • Stone Over Bar
  • Partner Deadlift


50 Shades of Gains

With a Partner:

Banded Bench Press 35/15lb
Abmat/GHD Sit-up Pass 20/14lbs
Stone Over Bar 115lbs(5ft)/75lbs(4ft)
Partner Deadlifts 405/315

7 Minute AMRAP at each station with no rest or transition time.
Score total reps.
Order of station is not specified.