Little like Linda


Partner Row 2,000m (switch every 250m)
Alternate with: (until your partner is done rowing)


  1. Round 1: Around the body Kettlebell swing
  2. Round 2: Goblet Squat
  3. Round 3: Alternating Kettlebell Press
  4. Round 4: Kettlebell Death March (choose weight)


Hamstring Stretch + Stretch & Roll.


Got lots of presents?

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Little like Linda

7 Minute Max Load Deadlift
3 Minute Break
7 Minute Max Load Bench Press
3 Minute Break
7 Minute Max Load Squat Clean

In teams of two, choose weight for each movement. Partners can change weights between the two but are only allowed one barbell. Only one person can be working at a time. 
Score total load across all 3 movements.