Individual Warm-up:

Complete prior to class.

Group Warm-up:

  • Partner Row 1,500m
  • Alternate with 5 Squats, 5 Pull-up, 5 Push-up, 5 Ring Dips


  • New Yoga Class Thursday's at Justified and new Mobility Class Friday's at CFTally!
  • 5 Way Simple Shoulder Stretch

Lift of the Day:

Hang Power Clean (3 Minute AMRAP Hang Power Clean 135/95 lbs)

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


CrossFit 140123

5 Strict Muscle-ups
10 Strict Handstand Push-ups
15 One legged squats, each leg
3 Rounds for time.
Time Limit: 20 Minutes

Coach's Notes:

So, I know all you kippers out there want to know why can't you kip? Well let me tell you, really you should all be working hard on your movements without kipping. If you are doing high reps then yes good form with a kip is not bad, but this wod is relatively low reps. Leave the kip behind and work on your strength. Remember there is a relationship between reps and weight. The higher the reps the lower the weight results in more hypertrophy, on the other hand the lower reps at higher weight swings the pendulum to more strength. If you find it impossible to do a handstand push-up without a kip then you are weak. When someone needs help we provide support so they can achieve and maintain the full range of motion. That's what bands do, so get one for this wod or follow the advice in the video. Your coach can help you figure out the best approach for you.