What has four legs, two smiles and incredible strength?

Crossfitters doing partner yoga!  

Sunday, February 16th the gym hosted its first Partner Yoga workshop and it was a huge success.  Carden Lanpher and Darien Buford’s inspiration for the workshop came from athletes just like you!  Carden said that “crossfitters love something different and out of the ordinary and they knew it would be a success because everyone is very athletic and willing to try new things.”  
The workshop began with around 20 minutes of typical yoga moves to get warmed up and then transitioned right into working with your partner.  We were able to spend a good amount of time learning each of the partner positions and concluded the class with some relaxation poses.  Darien told us she and Carden had “talked many times about how certain poses, especially difficult stability poses and ones that challenge maintaining alignment in the pose can be more manageable when done with a partner.” The poses were fun to try and did indeed allow us to work into deeper stretches and maintain positions much longer than we could have on our own.
There were participants of all levels at the workshop, and everyone got something out of it (even the dogs!). Anna Foster, who attended said that “the workshop was a lot of fun!  I met new people that go to other gyms.  I think it was a good way to get out of your comfort zone.”  Brittany Allman came as a guest and said that “The instructors were very helpful and skilled.  They displayed knowledge of the craft and provided great cues.  It was a very interactive environment.”
Darien and Carden are hopeful this workshop can be offered several times during the year – so stay tuned for future dates.  Prizes were awarded to Arielle Biwer and Brittany Pinson for attending the most yoga classes leading up to the workshop.  Arielle won a yoga book and Brittany won a yoga mat!
After yoga concluded we got serious about eating!  Folks brought wonderful goodies to share (I loved the almond and dates wrapped in bacon that Teresa brought)!!  We grilled out chicken and burgers and the beer provided by the gym came in handy for the beer pong competition that went down later in the afternoon!
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