Clean & Jerk

Clean & Jerk:

Remember the Clean & Jerk is two distinct movements. Make sure you complete the clean before you start the jerk. 

  1. Feet are hip width apart.
  2. Shoulder-width grip.
  3. Bar should be over the base of the toes (Where the toes enter the foot)
  4. Weight should be on the front of the foot but as the bar goes up move to the heel where it stays for the rest of the lift. 
  5. Move the bar slowly up the body and keep it as close as possible.
  6. When the bar reaches the “pockets” position jump and fully extend your hip while keeping your arms straight.
  7. Land in the bottom of your front squat.
  8. Receive the bar at the rack position on your shoulders and not in your hands. 
  9. Front squat the bar up to full extension of your hips and knees.
  10. Now adjust your grip in preparation for the jerk.  (If this step seems unnecessary then mostly likely you did not have a proper front squat rack position.)
  11. Split jerk: slightly lower your elbows and adjust your stance to hip width. Perform a dip drive with intensity and drive the bar up while simultaneously putting your dominant foot forward landing it on your full foot and putting your other foot behind you landing it on the toe. Be sure to maintain at hip width and not end up "tight-roping.
  12. As the bar goes up and your body goes down press up hard and lock your elbows. Pause and stabilize yourself before standing up. 
  13. Once stable stand up by moving your front foot back one step then your back foot forward. 
  14. Be sure to hold the bar until you are fully extended. It should be possible to see a straight line from your heel up your leg through your back and arm to the bar. If not then its a no rep.    

It's fine to do either the split Jerk or a push jerk. It's athlete's choice.