For Mr. Joshua

Individual Warm-up:

Complete prior to class.

Group Warm-up:

  1. Walk: Inside, Outside, Heel, toe
  2. Agility Ladder x5
  3. Pacer Run 400m
  4. Banded Good Mornings x15


  • What's your guess for 14.3?
  • Roll out: Hamstrings

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


Run 400m
30 GHD Sit-ups
15 Deadlift 250/175 lbs
Five rounds for time.
Time Limit: 45 Minutes
SO1 Joshua Thomas Harris, 36, drowned during combat operations, August 30th 2008 in Afghanistan. 
He is survived by his parents Dr. Sam and Evelyn Harris, his brother Ranchor and twin sister Kiki.