The Festivus Games!

On Saturday, April 19th thirteen athletes from Tallahassee Crossfit participated in the Festivus Games held at CrossFit BlackBox.  
Festivus was designed to be a fitness competition for novice and intermediate athletes only. No fire-breather types allowed. The idea was that there would be no scaling. No athlete whether 6 months in or brand new would need to scale any of the events. This competition was to be about capacity more than a high degree of skill. Everyone can row – the question is how fast?  Everyone can clean - the question is how much?
Their first competition sold out pretty quickly and about 70 athletes from several states showed up to compete. Everyone left excited and motivated to compete again.  They received requests to do another competition and so they held one in September and again in December.  The competition slots were selling out in days and so the idea to make it a national event was born.  Novice and intermediate athletes from across the country competed in the 1 day event, all on April 19th. Individual champions from each participating box were crowned as were national champs.
These standards were offered as guidelines, not absolutes. Competitors were told if they matched up with a majority of any of these choose that category.


  • Less than 6 months experience
  • Less than 5 unassisted pull ups
  • Deadlift is less than 2x bodyweight
  • Mile run is over 10 minutes
  • Only does single unders
  • Uses scaled weights for most workouts


  • Over 6 months experience
  • More than 5 unassisted pull ups
  • Deadlift is more than 2x bodyweight
  • Mile run is under 10 minutes
  • Can do double unders
  • Uses RX weights for most workouts
In alphabetical order, our competitors were:
Luz Bastos (25th - Int.), Danny Blanco (9th - Int.), Darien Buford (9th - Int.), Nathan Coppola (14th - Int.), Macey Deaton (14th – Int.), Gregorie Elie (17th – Novice), Anna Foster (21st – Int.), Alex Gonzalez (10th – Int.), Kevin Joyce (17th – Int.), Ash Manepalli (6th – Novice), Aaron Reistad (2nd – Int.), Ed Skinner (18th – Int.) and Peggy Smith (13th – Novice).
In addition to his 2nd place finish locally, Aaron came in 39th nationally in the male intermediate division!
Across the nation, there were over 40 competition locations and around 1440 male and 1985 female competitors! 


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