Leaving TallyCF for Paradise!

It wasn’t easy leaving CFTally for Hawaii. I’m totally fucking with you, it was so easy. 
Let me rephrase that. It wasn’t easy leaving CFTally for any other crossfit gym. I had a great thing going at CFTally, the routine the people, everything was just as it should be. With that being said, I was moving and had to find a new home to hang my clean in.
I got to Oahu and on the day after I moved here I joined CrossFit Oahu, the oldest and most established box on the island. It’s the number 50 box in all of CrossFit so it’s very old and has a lot of clout in the community. I thought without a doubt I had found my forever (while I’m here) crossfit home. It’s a massive gym that has around 500 members and classes 7 days a week. Let me just cut to the chase here.
What I liked about the box: A massive space at 7,000 square feet, they had room to offer activities indoors that I’d never had before like an Oly pit and astro turf area for sled pulls/stretching etc. They had two huge rigs because at times there were 30+ people in a class (not a positive). A few of the trainers were really passionate and happy and could remember your names. The only other thing I liked about CF Oahu was that they focused a great deal on hollow body positioning in nearly every aspect of our movements. It was drilled into you at all times and I 100% grew from that drilling. You think you do strict pull-ups? Well you probably aren’t. Get in a hollow body position while you hang and stay that way, then pull up. Shit ain’t easy. 
So let me tell you about the reasons I left CF Oahu after two months, in no particular order. They really wanted to charge you for every service they could, regardless of experience levels. I found that pretty tacky and greedy seeing as how I’d had almost 3 years of experience.
They charge you another on ramp fee to “learn Oly” from an experienced lifter with no certifications just so you could be in their “Barbell club” which just meant you came in and did your Oly lifting on your own time in their Oly pit. Along with that, another reason why I left was because there was rarely an Oly lift within my hour-long WOD. I was just left to do Oly lifting in my own free time which for me, personally, is no beuno.
Reason number C) They had one refrigerator with two things in it, bottled water (because they had no water fountain, only bathroom sinks) and coconut water and you weren’t allowed to put your own personal items in it or they would throw it away. Cool shit, CF Oahu! They didn’t care at all if you bought drinks or if you had an interest in it. They had zero t-shirts to buy for 2 months and just generally seemed completely apathetic to the entire experience of visiting/joining a crossfit box. THEY HAD NO KILLCLIFF IS REALLY THE BIGGEST REASON.
The last reason I left was probably the biggest. Imagine being in a class with 15-20 other people and you’re all tired and clearing your bar, post-wod, and you see every single person drag the weights off the bar, letting the bar slam to the ground. IMAGINE THAT. My ears and eyes still burn from hearing and seeing that. Day 1 I asked my trainer, “Hey why does everyone drop the bar like that, it’s really bad for them?”, to which he replied, “Meh”. These Oly bars were the worst bars I’d ever seen. Rusted, barely able to spin. I was mad every single time I got critiqued for my lifting or anything, seeing as how the bar wouldn’t spin with weight on it. I attempted to talk to management about their mistreatment of the bars but no one really was having it. 
I’ve now joined CrossFit Kuleana, a beautiful open-air garage box that is lower in member numbers but stupid high in family-like environment. Their programming is just like back home and everyone knows each others name. One of the owners, Noah, asks me if I want to go surfing every day I’m there. It’s just a really good vibe and you know when you walk into your box, that feeling you get that you’re in the right place and you want to pick up heavy shit and throw it around with your friends, that means you’re home. Oh and their bars are beautiful and silver as shit. 
I miss you all. I see everyone’s growth and I can’t help but think all it took was Vinny moving for everyone to get better. Just kidding I know it is awful there without me. 
I miss all of your snatches, 
Mahalo Burpees!
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