CrossFit Open WOD 12.2


Partner Row 1,600m (switch every 200m)

Alternate with:

7 Squat Therapy w/pvc
7 Box Jumps (Choose Height)

Followed by:

Syncro Bar Work: Snatch

  1. Position 1x5
  2. Position 2x5
  3. Postion 3x5


Wall Stretch + 3 Way Shoulder Stretch


Check the Facebook group page for TTS 1.2 movements!

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


CrossFit Open WOD 12.2 

30 Snatches 75/45lbs
30 Snatches 135/75lbs
30 Snatches 165/100lbs
AMAP Snatches 210/120lbs

Time Limit: 10 Minutes 
Score total reps. 

Followed by:

Squat Day:

Back Squat 3x5@85% of 1RM