Tabata Superman


  1. Run 200m or Row 250m
  2. 10 Squat Therapy w/pvc
  3. 5 Overhead Squat w/bar
  4. 5 Snatch Balance w/bar

Syncro Bar Work: Snatch

  1. Position 1x5
  2. Position 2x5
  3. Position 3x5
  4. (All Squats)


Wall Stretch 


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Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


Heavy Snatch EMOM: 10 Minutes

Find a starting weight and add weight each minute. 
Immediately followed by 5 minutes to establish new 1RM Snatch. 

Followed by:

Back Squat 3x7@75% of 1RM
New Athlete Back Squat 3x5

Followed by: 
Tabata Superman Hold