1. Shoulder ROM x25 w/pvc
  2. Row 250m
  3. 7 Snatch High Pulls w/bar
  4. 7 Overhead Squats w/bar
  5. Row 250m 
  6. 5 Toe squat Snatch w/bar
  7. 5 Position 1 squat Snatch w/bar
  8. Row 250m
  9. 3 Position 2 Power Snatch w/bar
  10. 3 Postion 3 Squat Snatch w/bar


Squat Reach + T-Spine Rolling


Any PR is a good one. Take it a pound at a time. Small increases over time is what you want. PR's are hard to get. That’s why they are note worthy. Be smart about your weight changes. 

Lift of the Day:



Snatch 1RM

(3 Attempts at a new 1RM)
20 Minutes 

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)



7 Toes to Bar
7 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20"

7 Minute AMRAP
Score total reps. 

Coaching Notes:

We are finishing up some testing so today we are going to test the snatch. This can be a power or squat although you should be working on the squat snatch. Your heaviest snatch should be caught in the squat, if not, you know you need work on that. Stay strict on the time frame and the 3 attempts at a new one rep. Afterwards is quick little burner. Toes to bar and burpee box jump overs. This should be an all out effort only being 7 minutes. Keep the intensity level high and the movements clean!

Coach Jon