Starsky & Hutch


  1. Carioca x20m
  2. 10 Squat Jumps
  3. Carioca x20m
  4. 20 Side Squats 
  5. 20 Heel-Toe Floor Touch
  6. 50 Single Leg Alternating Jump Rope 


Foam Rolling: Quads,Hams,Add,Abductors + Calf & Achilles Smash


The women had their night, so now it's time for the men! We are planning a guys night out. Stay tuned for more info! 

Run of the Day:

Power Skip 200m not for time.
Rest 1-3 minutes
Run Backwards 200m not for time.
Rest 2-4 minutes
Run 800m for time.

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


Starsky & Hutch 

Row 5 Calories 
10 Wall Balls 20/14lbs 10/9'
15 Doubleunders 

12 Rounds for time. 

Time Limit: 18 Minutes 
In teams of 2: You go I go format
Individual athletes rest 1 minute

Coaching Notes:

We are nearing the end of some of the most intense running work we have ever done. Most of our athletes have greatly improved and are very happy with their results. The running today is, again, preparing for Murph. In the warmup, stay on top of people with the single leg alternating jump rope. Many are not very good at this and it makes them not want to take it seriously or try. Encourage them to try to be better at this. It will go a long way in helping their doubleunders as well. Rope speed, timing and coordination are all involved and those things are supreme to good doubleunders. Power skipping and running backwards are also things many people will not try on or take seriously, again, because they usually aren't too good at it or its tough for them. Encourage them to try. Feel free to add some motivational consequences to those you see messing around or not trying. The 800m run is for time. Enforce the good running techniques we have been working on. Move quickly through the warmup and the runs. Make sure you have time to setup for the Wod. The Wod is a partner one like the Love Birds Wod we did two weeks ago. You go, I go format. The calories on the rower are kept low on purpose. Encourage them to pull hard and get to 5 quickly. Get them use to creating power in the leg drive of the pull. Wall balls and dubs should be fast. Scale appropriately for those who are not fast with these. I'm looking for these rounds to be well under a minute for many and slightly over for the less experienced. Each round should be a sprint. Each team meat needs to complete 6 rounds. They can get on the rower at any time but can not begin until their partner completes the round they are on.

Coach Jon