Mad Max


  1. Row 20 Calories 
  2. 10 Right Leg Jump Rope
  3. 10 Left Leg Jump Rope
  4. 15 Singleunders
  5. 15 Alternating Singleunders
  6. 20 Doubleunders
  7. 10 Good Morning w/bar
  8. 10 Romainian Deadlift w/bar


Foam Rolling: Quads,Hams,Ab,Adductors


When you have bulit in rest periods, you should be working hard to minimize rest during the working time. Hit each round as hard as you can. Catch the Doc tomorrow at Tally at 3:30 to work the kinks out!  

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


Mad Max

EOMOMx18 Minutes

Round 1: Max reps Doubleunders
Rest 1 minute
Round 2: Max Calorie Row
Rest 1 minute
Round 3: Max reps Deadlift @50% of 1RM
Rest 1 minute

This is 1 set. Repeat cycle to complete three sets. 
Score each set for total reps.

Followed by:

3xAMRAP Strict Pull-ups (Rx+ Strict Muscle-ups) 

Rest as needed between sets.