1. Run 100m 
  2. 10 Hamstring Decellerations
  3. Run Backward 100m
  4. 10 Side Squats 
  5. Carioca 100m 
  6. Walk: Inside, Outside, Heel, Toe 10m each


Single Leg Quad+Prayer Stretch


You have put in the work so let's see the mile. Looking for all the PR's today! 

Run of the Day:

Run 1 Mile for time.

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)



21 15 9 
Deadlift 225/155lbs
Hanstand Push-ups

For time.
Time Limit: 15 Minutes 

Coach's Notes:

We are capping off the more in depth running weeks and transitioning into a new strength cycle. Work hard especially on the runs this week. These are the bigger hitters for the runs. Let's see the hard work put to good use and crush some Pr's. I've agreed to do 5 burpees for each PR I see this week on the running Wods. And I'm ready for a lot. Work hard on the mile. Take a decent break to recover before getting into Diane. Make sure to rollout or loosen up a little after the run before the heavy deads. Spend sufficient time setting up and getting the right scaling for the best shot at Diane. This is a sprint Wod for many so pay extra attention to those backs and the heads and necks on the HSPU's!

Coach Jon