Gunz & Bunz


Partner Row 1,500m (Switch every 250m)

Alternate with:

5 Shoulder Press w/bar
5 Slow Decent Back Squats w/bar
(3 Rounds each)


Wall Stretch+Trap Smash


12 Week Strength Cycle Starts today! Don't miss these days. Set a goal of where you want to be and smash it! 

Lift of the Day:

SJ Cycle Week 1 

Shoulder Press  

2x6@70% of 1RM
3x4@80% of 1RM

Back Squat 

2x6@70% of 1RM 
3x4@80% of 1RM

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


Gunz & Bunz

3 Strict Chin-ups  (Rx+ Strict Muscle-up)
6 Overhead Lunges 24/16kg (3 Right/3 Left) (Rx+ 32/24kg)
9 Box Jump 24/20" (Rx+ 30/24")

10 Minute AMRAP
Score rounds and reps. 

Coaching Notes:

Get through the warm-up quickly. This will be the first day of the new strength cycle. This will last about 12 weeks. Pay extra attention to the details in the lifting measures. They will slightly change as the weeks go on. Remember to always get the appropriate sets and reps. Adjust the weight as minimally as possible to achieve this. Do not change the sets and reps for the weight. The AMRAP should be another quick burner. Not sure how long the lifting might take but trying to provide sufficient time. Remember the RX+ rules. It's either all or none. Watch for the strict movements and focus on shoulder stability in the overhead kettle bell lunges.