Power Surge


Run 200m 
15 Squat Therapy w/PVC
10 Doubleunders

Group Syncro Bar Work: Snatch 

3 Snatch Grip Push Press from Back w/bar 
3 Snatch Balance w/bar
2 Position 1 Snatch (Power or Squat) w/bar
2 Position 2 Snatch (Power or Squat) w/bar
2 Position 3 Snatch (Power or Squat) w/bar


Squat Reach + T-Spine Rolling


Catch some extra training at all locations on Saturday! Recover with some Yoga at Killearn and Tally this weekend!

Lift of the Day:

Heavy Snatch EMOM x10

Open around 55% of 1RM.
Try to finish between 85-100% of 1RM.

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


Power Surge 

2 Rounds of:

20 Power Snatch 75/55lbs
10 Ring Dips 

Then 2 Rounds of:

15 Overhead Squats 75/55lbs
20 Toes to Bar

Then 2 rounds of:

10 Hang Power Snatch 75/55lbs
30 Doubleunders


40 GHD Sit-ups

For time.
Time Limit: 15 minutes