Gentle Ben


Partner Row 1,500m (Switch every 250m)

Alternate with:

Round 1: 10 Rack Deliveries w/bar
Round 2: 10 Jerk Therapy w/bar
Round 3: 5 Jerk Balance + 5 Split Jerk w/bar


Trap Smash+Find the Pain


Get some Yoga and extra training this weekend! 

Lift of the Day:

Heavy Split Jerk: 10 Minutes

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


Gentle Ben

3 Power Cleans 155/110lbs(Rx+245/165lbs)
6 Toes to Bar (Rx+ Bar Muscle-ups)
12 Deadlifts 155/110lbs (Rx+ 245/165lbs) 
15 Pull-ups (Rx+ Chest to Bar Pull-ups)
Rest 1 Minute

3 Rounds for time.
Time Limit: 18 Minutes
(The Rx+ Option is a CompTrain Wod)