Rolling Stones


  1. Inchworm 10m 
  2. 20 Jumping Squats 
  3. Lateral Push-up 10m (5m left/5m right)
  4. 10 Pull-ups or 5 Bar Muscle-ups (no bands for MU's)
  5. 10 Ring Dips or 5 Ring Muscle-ups
  6. Row 150m


Partner Peck Stretch + T-Spine Rolling


See the Doc tomorrow at 3:30pm at CFTally! Know a Yoga Instructor that would be interested in working with us? Let us know! 

Lift of the Day:

SJ Cycle Week 3 

Bench Press 3x5 Across

(3 sets of 5 reps of the same weight. Build to tough 5 then give 2 additional sets at same weight)

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)

Stone to Shoulder 


Rolling Stones

In teams of 2:

Partner A: 300m Row  
Partner B: AMRAP Stone to Shoulder Walk 6' 145/95lbs

Switch movements only when the row has been completed. 
The "walk" is from one edge of a mat to the other. Each mat is 6 feet long. Each rep must be put on the ground and picked up again. 
18 Minute AMRAP. 
Score total reps of stone to shoulder only. 

Coach's Note:

The only "new" component in the warm-up is the lateral push-up. Essentially, you will do a push-up, once you get back to the top position, you will "step" to the side with one arm, bring the opposite arm back into shoulder width position and perform another push-up. Do this for 5m one way, then 5m the opposite way. There are pull-ups and ring dips in the warm-up with the option of bar muscle ups and ring muscle ups. No bands for the bar muscle ups. You can either do these options or not. A small hand spot by the coach is ok if that is all thats needed. You should be extremely close to getting this on your own for the coach to hand spot you. The mobility is nothing we haven't done in the past. Bench press today for 3 sets of 5. Find a hard 5 rep weight. Once you find that weight, perform 2 more sets and record the weight. Remember, you only record the 3x5 weight. Do not change the rep scheme. Rolling stones is a partner wod with teams of 2. One partner will start on the row while the other starts on the stone to shoulder WALK. Something a little new with the walk. Partner A must complete 300m on the rower before they can get off and move to the stones. While partner A is rowing, partner B is performing as many reps as possible of a stone to shoulder walk. You will have to properly pick up the stone, walk it from one end of a rubber mat the other before dropping it. The stone must travel 6 feet (thats how long the mats are) under control on the shoulder. Do not throw the stone the other side. All of this should be completely controlled. This will test your midline stability a little more than just doing a stone to shoulder. The score will be the total number of stone reps only! One team, one score. Teams can use different weight stones if needed. Try pairing people who use the same weights if possible. If there is a one person team, they will start on the row. Once they complete 300m, they can get off and are allowed the same amount of time to work stone to shoulder walks. If they row 300m in 2:00, they get 2:00 on the stones before returning to the row for another 300m.

Coach Jon