Turn up the Volume!


  1. Tabata Doubleunders
  2. Heel Toe Floor Touch x20
  3. Side Squat x20
  4. Glute/Ham Walk 10m 


Voodoo Floss: Triceps/Elbows


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Run of the Day:

1x200m Technique Run 

Not for time. Rest 2 Minutes.

1x400m Technique Run

Not for time. Rest 4 Minutes. 

1x600m Technique Run 

Not for time. 

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


Turn up the Volume! 

Volume Work 10 Minutes: Strict Weighted Pull-ups (choose weight)
Volume Work 10 Minutes: Strict Weighted Ring Dips (choose weight)

Followed by: 30 GHR's

Not for time. 

Coach's Note:

The Tabata doubleunders are not being scored today. This is just some warm-up practice for tomorrow. The remainder of the warm-up, take your time. Spend time in these positions, especially the side squat and glue ham walk. Get as deep in the position as you can. We have another voodoo floss session with the elbows and triceps. Below I will provide link to some videos to get a better idea of how to do them. We have a handful of technique runs. We do not want to lose the progress we made. Work hard in the sense of technique. Continue working on better pose running skills. It takes a long time to change running habit for most people. Take the required breaks. Even if you don't need to. Recover and talk/think about the improvements you need to make and do your best to execute them during these technique runs. Finally some volume work with weighted pull-ups then weighted ring dips. I'm looking for 1-3 reps per minute for weighted people. Banded athletes should still be shooting for 1 rep of the hardest rep they can do. Remember the bands you use and work like hell to progress to lighter band and get off them. All the gyms should have band charts to show how to progress in the band set-up. There are some GHR's not for time after the volume work. Those who struggle can use a spotter to ensure they are coming up in the proper position. These are tough. Complete them however you want, just get all 30. 

Coach Jon