1. Row 500m 
  2. 20 Dumbell Shoulder Press (10 each arm.Choose weight)
  3. 10 Thrusters w/bar
  4. 5 Pull-ups 


Trap Smash + T-Spine Rolling 


Acro Yoga/Going away party Saturday, June 27th at 4:00pm at CF Tally! 

Lift of the Day:

SJ Cycle Week 4 

Shoulder Press  

2x6@70% of 1RM (Add 2-5lbs total)
3x4@80% of 1RM (Add 2-5lbs total)
New Athlete Shoulder Press 3x5

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)



1,000m Row  
50 Thrusters 45/35lbs
30 Pull-ups

For time. 
Time Limit: 15 Minutes 
Half the class starts first. Preferably the faster movers. As soon as all the rowers are empty, start the second half. 

Coach's Notes:

We have standard things going on today. For the dumbell shoulder press warm-up, choose your own weight. You can do both arms at the same time or one then the other. Just a little isolation work on each side to get you ready. A big difference is going to be in the Shoulder Press lifts. Essentially you are starting over in your lifting cycle. Today, week 4, is the same as week one. However, today, you have the option to add a small amount of raw weight to your percentage. If you were or have been successful in your shoulder press lifts, specifically in week 1, add 2-5 pounds to your percentage weights. I recommend that females stick to the lighter side of adding and males going toward the 5 pound mark. Remember that this is 2-5 pounds total. Not on each side of the bar. All gyms have small, fractional weight that can be used for smaller changes. Use them. Do not load too much and fail your lifts or change the rep scheme. This is a process. Trust it. After that we have Jackie. This is always a fun benchmark wod. Jackie should be an all out effort. Focus on positioning in all movements. Sound movement will let you be faster in the long run. If the class is big, we will run two "waves" of people. The faster/more experienced athletes should go first. Once all the rowers are cleared, start the next "wave" on the next appropriate minute. Set the clock for a little longer than the time cap. Around 20-22 minutes depending on the first wave of rowers. Just make sure to stop the first wave at 15 minutes. Have fun and go hard! Remember, do not drop empty bars on the floor!

Coach Jon