Ring Around the Rosie


5 Minute Doubleunder Practice 

Followed by:

  1. 3 Rounds:
  2. 5 Burpees 
  3. 10 Side Squats
  4. 10 Shoulder Swings 


3 Way Shoulder Stretch + Forearm Lacrosse Work  


Yoga tonight at Justified! Bring it on! 

Run of the Day:

Technique Run 2x400m 

Rest 2 minutes
Not for time. 

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)

Forward Roll 
Ring Handstand 
Backward Roll on Rings


Ring Around the Rosie 

1 Strict L-Sit Muscle-up
1 Forward Roll to support
1 Ring Handstand 
1 Back Roll to support 
1 L-Sit hold

Time Limit: 25 Minutes
Score total reps. 
This is not for time. Complete as many complexes as you can within the time cap. Take your time. 
If scaling, most will, work on movements or holds to progress to these more challenging movements. 

Coach's Note:

The day we all dream about! Super tough gymnastics complex. This will be a challenging day for EVERYONE. This stuff is not easy. For the warm-up, we are going 5 minutes of doubleunders or tripleunder practice. Work on what you need, even if it's singles. Practice makes perfect. There are a couple short technique runs before we start. Keep the running technique fresh in your mind. Practice it every time you run. The Wod is time spent practicing a gymnastics complex. One strict L-sit muscle-up, one forward roll, one ring handstand, one back roll, one L-sit hold. This should all be done without coming off the rings. Most of us will not be doing this. Instead we will be working on progressions toward these tougher movements. Start at the bottom, build the basic strength and concepts before trying these. Have fun with it. You guys should know that when we have a "relaxed" day in the gym, that a storm is brewing. Enjoy these days when they come and get some good practice work in!

Coach Jon

Greg KeeterComment