California Kid


3 Rounds of: 

  1. 7 Thrusters w/bar
  2. 3 Split Jerks w/bar
  3. 10 Doubleunders 
  4. 5 Pull-ups 


Trap Smash + Voodoo Floss: Elbows 


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Lift of the Day:

SJ Cycle Week 5 
Shoulder Press  
2x5@75% of 1RM (Add 2-5lbs total)
3x3@85% of 1RM (Add 2-5lbs total)
New Athlete Shoulder Press 3x5

Immediately following the shoulder press:

Split Jerk Heavy Single: 3x1@ 120% of Shoulder Press 1RM 

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


California Kid 

100 Doubleunders (Rx+ 200 reps)
50 Wall Balls 20/14lbs 10/9' (Rx+25/15lbs 10/9')use slamball
40 Pull-ups (Rx+ Chest to Bar Pull-ups)
30 Push-ups (Rx+ Ring Dips)
20 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg (Rx+ 32/24kg)
10 Chin-ups (Rx+ Ring Muscle-ups)

For time. 
Time Limit: 20 Minutes 

Coach's Note:

Week 5 shoulder press today! Same rules as above but remember the shoulder press increases are 2-5 pounds. It works for guys and girls! Don't round the weights up or down, load the bar to exactly what it is supposed to be. As soon as you are done with the shoulder press, I want 3 heavy single split jerks. You have 3 attempts at your split jerk numbers. A fail counts as an attempt. Make sure you're moving well and make these lifts. Adjust the weight if you are not moving well, catching or finishing in a good position. We have a fun little chipper for today with the Rx and Rx+ option. Remember if you want to click that Rx plus button, all parts of the WOD must be Rx+ with no adjustments or scaling. Have fun with this one and try to keep moving fast but only as fast as you can maintain good positioning. Sound reps will get you much further, faster, than just trying to be fast any way.

Coach Jon