Single Skulls


  1. Run 400m
  2. Inchworm 10m
  3. Samson Stretch :30 seconds each leg


Foam Rolling: Quads,Hams,Ab,Adductors


Yoga tonight at Justified! Yoga at Killearn on Saturday the at Tally on Sunday!  

Run of the Day:

Run 800m for time. 

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


Single Skulls 

Row for max calories 
Row for max distance

Score each separately. 
Set the clock for 10 rounds of 4:00 minutes of work with :20 seconds of rest. 
In pairs if 2, row for max cals and distance. Record both after each interval. 
This is not a team wod. You will have an individual score for each measure. 

Coach's Note:

Today is all about some conditioning and endurance. Know that the Wod will take 43:00 minutes. Warm-up needs to be fast and get right into the run. We will be on the rower for a while so a ton of coaching and communication can be done for some serious improvements. You start with a warm-up run, then you have an 800m run for time. I want to see some PR's on this! Show me that all your hard work is paying off. As soon as the run is over, you will be pairing up on the rowers (if need be). Today is NOT a partner Wod. You will row for 4 minutes then have a 20 second transition time to get off the rower while someone else gets on. Then you will rest for 4 minutes. Even if you are not sharing a rower, you will still row for 4 minutes and end up resting 4:40. Each round, you will need to record your calories and meters rowed. You will have two measures. One for Cals and one for Meters. Score each round for each measure separately. Go hard on the rower. You get substantial breaks. Work on your rowing technique. It makes an enormous difference over time.

Coach Jon

Greg KeeterRun, RowComment