CF Endurance 053015


  1. Run 100m 
  2. 15 Air Squats 
  3. Run 100m 
  4. 10m Broad Jump 
  5. Run 100m 
  6. 5 Wall Climbs or 20m Handstand Walk


Trap Smash + Single Leg Quad Floor Touch 


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Lift of the Day:

Week 2 

Shoulder Press  

2x5@75% of 1RM
3x3@85% of 1RM

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


CF Endurance 053015

1 Legless Rope Climb
3 Squat Cleans @ 70% of C&J 1RM
5 Deadlifts @ 70% of C&J 1RM

5 Rounds for time. 
Time Limit: 12 Minutes 

Coach's Notes:

We are starting week 2 of the strength cycle. Many people are asking what SJ stands for. It doesn't matter. The work does. However, it does stand for Smolov Jr. We are cycling through it a couple times. It is a bit diluted due to times sake but the meat of it is there. I will be trying to stay away, mostly, from putting the shoulder press and back squat on the same days as it proved to be tough. Remember, DO NOT change the set/rep scheme. Instead change the weight if unable to accomplish the desired set/rep count. Change the weight as little as possible to achieve this. Finally is a Crossfit Endurance Wod. I wouldn't increase the number of rope climbs for scaling. Maybe tack on a coupe extra floor touches but no more than 3. The feet can not be used on the way up but CAN be used for the way down. Watch for people wanting the Rx and using their feet on the way up. We will see how well people can move their 70% clean & Jerk weight today. Enforce squat cleans and flat backs for the deads. This should definitely be a sprint but only as fast as you can maintain good positions.