Fresh Gnar


  1. 10 Doubleunders
  2. 10 Squat Therapy w/pvc
  3. 10 Doubleunders 
  4. 3x Position 1 Squat Snatch w/bar
  5. 3x Position 2 Squat Snatch w/bar
  6. 10 Doubleunders
  7. 15 Shoulder Swings 

Followed by: 
Group Syncro Bar Work: Snatch Balance x5 w/bar


Squat & Reach + T-Spine Rolling 


You are not worried about the weight today for the lift of the day. Focus on positioning, speed, footwork and catching in the bottom. 

Lift of the Day:

Snatch Balance: Practice

Focus on speed and positioning. This is not a 1RM attempt. Stay with light to moderate loads.  

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


Fresh Gnar 

Run 200m 
1 Snatch @85% of 1RM 
20 Doubleunders 
10 Toes to Bar

7 Rounds for time. 
Time Limit: 20 Minutes 

Coach's Notes:

The longest warm-up of the week. 15 minutes should be enough time to hit the individual portion as well as the group syncro work. The group syncro work is great because it allows you to see everyone and it will help force newer athletes to move with the speed of the more seasoned athletes. Play some games and have some fun with it. The Lift of the Day: Snatch Balance Practice. It is practice. Those that have been doing this for a while and are sound in this movement have the freedom to test some weight. The newer or less accomplished ones should stick to light weight and focus on footwork, speed and lockout. If someone really struggles in the bottom position, have them pause down there for a few seconds and let them work it a bit longer. Make sure to warm-up, and lift with enough time to set the Wod up but also to allow them a few minutes to warm-up to their 85% snatch. This is repeat. Have to move fast and be smart about your snatch reps. Failing one lift could cause you to not complete the workout. Don't waste time but make sure you're ready to give a solid effort on the snatch each time.