1. Row 30 seconds 
  2. 20m Elbow to Instep 
  3. Row 30 seconds 
  4. 10m Glute Ham Walk 
  5. Row 30 seconds 
  6. 15 Back Squats w/bar

(Slow decent, explode out of the hole) 


Voodoo Floss: Hips, Quads, Hams, Ab,Adductors + Banded Ankle Distraction


We hope you are being challenged but successful in this strength cycle! Give your coach some feedback. How are you feeling? How can we help? 

Lift of the Day:

SJ Cycle Week 7 

Back Squat 

2x6@70% of 1RM (Add 10-20lbs)
3x4@80% of 1RM (Add 10-20lbs)

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)



12 Lateral Burpees (over the rower) 
:30 second max distance row

Rest as needed to give a max effort. Try to keep the rest under 5 minutes. 
3 Max Effort Rounds 
Score each round for total meters rowed.  
Burpees should be max effort speed. Row should be max effort speed.