Pullin Jerks


  1. 20 Doubleunders 
  2. 10 Strict Shoulder Press w/bar
  3. (alternate from the front and back rack position)
  4. 20 Doubleunders 
  5. 10 Push Jerks w/bar
  6. 20 Doubleunders 
  7. 10 Ring Rows w/false grip 


Trap Smash+T-Spine Rolling


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Lift of the Day:

SJ Cycle Week 7 

Shoulder Press 

2x6@70% of 1RM  (Add 5-10lbs)
3x4@80% of 1RM (Add 5-10lbs)

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


Pullin Jerks 

EMOM 14 Minutes

Odd: :30 seconds max Strict pull-ups (Rx+ Strict Ring Muscle-ups)
Even: :30 seconds max push jerks 115/80lbs (Rx+ 185/125)

Score total reps. 

Coach's Note:

Things are heating up in this strength cycle! Time to really focus and take care of your body, warm-up properly and try hard on these lifts. As we have progressed in this cycle and started adding weight, make sure you're increasing your weight in the right way. Past weeks it was 2-5lbs increase on your shoulder press percentages. Now its up to 5-10lbs. Be smart about it. I want hard lifts but at the same time I want successful lifts. I want to see these graphs continuing to go up! Remember to check your measures to see what you did last time. If you added 2lbs last time, stick to adding 5lbs this time! In the end, I want hard successful lifts! Do not deviate from the percentages, rep schemes, or weight increases. Its a process. Trust it and give it your best! For the Wod, this is an EMOM. Every minute on the minute. It is designed to give you 30 seconds of rest time each minute. On odd minutes, you will do as many strict pull-ups or strict ring muscle-ups in 30 seconds as possible. Rest 30 seconds. DO NOT WORK FOR MORE THAN 30 SECONDS A ROUND. On the even minutes, you will do as many push jerks in 30 seconds as possible. There are Rx and Rx+ options. In the end, we want something that you can get at least a couple reps each time. If you drop from the pull-up bar, rings, or drop the barbell during the 30 seconds of work, you can get back on or pick it back up to continue, but when 30 seconds has gone by, you're done for that round. Rest and recover for the next! These are push jerks regardless of the weight you use. NO strict press, push press or split jerks. Score all reps of both movements in the end.

Coach Jon