All Aboard


  1. Row 300m 
  2. 15 Push-ups
  3. 15 Shoulder Swings
  4. 20 Squat Therapy w/pvc


Do Mobility


Group Syncro Bar Work: Snatch 
Position 1x5
Position 2 + Overhead Squat x5


T-Spine Rolling+Squat & Reach


Start the week off right! Challenge yourself to complete multiple mobility sessions throught the day. This week is going to be a tough one! 

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


All Aboard 

10 Lateral Burpees 
10 Pull-ups (Rx+ Chest to Bar)
10 Snatches (Rx+ RFH)

20 Minute AMRAP: Snatch weight increases each round. 
Score rounds and reps.

Rx Weights: 

AMRAP 165/120lbs

Rx+ Weights:

AMRAP 205/145lbs

Coach's Note:

Happy Monday! Starting the week off right with some snatches! This is a repeat Wod so make sure you are checking your graphs to see if you have done it before and how you can improve on this effort! Today is another mix up day with the warm-up and mobility. You will do part of the warm-up, move to mobility, then come back a finish the group bar work. Spend good time warming up and doing mobility. You have an Rx and Rx+ option today. Choose wisely. Be reasonable with what you choose. If you are newer snatching or just not very good with the movement yet, increasing your snatch load each time may not be the best idea. Instead, find a light/moderate load and keep the snatch weight the same for each round. Just work on better movement before you worry about the weight on the bar. This wod is an amrap with increasing snatch weight each round. There are 5 snatch weight options. That means after you finish the 5th round of burpees, pull-ups and 10 snatches, you will continue to snatch, the same weight, as many times as possible with any remaining time. Form over weight!

Coach Jon