1. Tabata Doubleunders (No score)
  2. 5 Push Press w/bar
  3. 10 Alternating front/back Shoulder Press w/bar
  4. 30 Banded Shoulder Pull-downs w/purple band (15 each arm)
  5. 30 Banded Shoulder Raises w/purple band (15 each arm)


Trap Smash+Voodoo Flosss: Elbows 


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Lift of the Day:

SJ Cycle Week 10 
Shoulder Press 1RM
New Athlete Shoulder Press 3x5
(15 Minutes)

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)



12 Lateral Burpees (over the rower) 
:30 second max distance row

4 Max Effort Rounds 
Rest as needed to give a max effort. Try to keep the rest under 4 minutes. Score each round for total meters rowed.  
Burpees should be max effort speed. Row should be max effort speed. 

Coach's Note:

We're going to get our shoulders warmed up with some doubleunders. Do not score this tabata. I will post a video of the shoulder raises and pulldowns that are listed in the warm-up. These are a great way to help warm the shoulders up and help with stabilizing them. They are also great for anyone who has regular shoulder discomfort or pain. If this is you, do these frequently, especially before overhead work. I want to see some more PR's on the shoulder press. Don't expect a jump like your back squat. Any PR is a good one. These are tougher to increase than other lifts so take what you can get. Be careful of the weight increases you make as these get hard very fast. The WOD is a repeat with an extra round added on. Don't worry about the old measure. We are using this as a progression for some other stuff. You'll know when we get there. For now, when you see Brigma, try as hard as you can every round. I increased the rounds by one and decreased the maximum break time by one minute. All out intensity is desired on each round. Score each round separately.

Coach Jon

Greg KeeterComment