Volume Works


Partner Rowling 1,000m
Penalty is 10m Bear Walk

(If you don’t hit 100m, do only 1 bear walk regardless of the over/under)
(Try getting your torso inverted like youre doing a sudo handstand walk with feet on the floor)


T-Spine Rolling+Trap Smash


Catch the Doc at Tally at 3:30pm tomorrow. With Jeff and Dustin, it's always a happy ending! 

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


Volume Works

20 Minute Volume Work: Banded Handstand Push-ups

Score total reps. 

Followed by:

Ring Hold: Accumulate 2 minutes in each position

Top: Full External Rotation 
Bottom: Shoulders Below Elbows

Coach's Note:

We haven't gone rowlling for a while so why not today! The penalty for any over/under is a 10m inverted bear crawl. I will post a video of what I'm looking for. After that is some good gymnastics practice. We have something new with the banded handstand push-ups. These ones are not meant to help you with the handstand push-up but to make them harder. Way harder. If you are good with strict handstand push-ups, this is the option for you. Start with the smallest band and go from there. I will post a video of these as well. We will finish the day with some ring hold work. Accumulate the desired time in each position. It does not have to be done in one attempt but if you're capable, go for it!

Coach Jon