Row 500m 
20 Squat Therapy w/pvc
30m Broad Jump
(Start easy and increase effort each 10m)

Group Syncro Bar Work: Snatch

Position 1 + Overhead Squat x3
Position 2 +Overhead Squat x3
Snatch Balance + Sots Press x3


Wall Stretch + T-Spine Rolling + Calf & Achilles Smash 


Come get some recovery Yoga at Justified tonight! 

Lift of the Day:

EMOM 7 Minutes: 1 Hang Power Snatch 

Aim for at least 70% of Snatch 1RM
Ultimately stick with a weight that allows good movement and positioning. 

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)



6 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20"
12 Overhead Squats 75/55lbs

15 Minute AMRAP
Score total reps 

Coach's Note:

We have a lot of explosive work today. Much of what we do requires this and my people struggle with being explosive and really generating and delivering power. After the row, start easy on the broad jumps. Increase your efforts as you go. Focus on getting a good drive and opening your hips in the jump. We want to move through the warm-up somewhat quickly. I want to spend a good amount of time on mobility for the day. These are some technical lifts and require generous amounts of mobility to be comfortable. For the snatch EMOM, I have a suggested 70% of your 1RM as a minimum number to aim for. In the end, whether that number is too heavy or light, or you don't have a 1rm, work your way to a moderate load that still allows for solid positioning and movement. Ugly heavy lifts are still ugly and unsafe. Shoot for perfection. Let the weight come as movement allows. The Wod is another burner. Your hips and legs are going to get worked hard. Be careful when you come back to the box jumps. Be sensitive about the overhead squats, if you can not achieve the range of motion, the weight need to be reduced. Again, shoot for perfection in these. This Wod is going to get hard, fast, even though it may not look like it. Keep working hard, but work smart above all.

Coach Jon