Shoulder ROM w/pvc (Minimum 25)
Walk: Inside, Outside, Heel, Toe 10m each


100 Doubleunders 

For time. 
Time Limit: 4 Minutes 

Followed by: 

10m Lateral Push-ups


Partner Peck Stretch + Mobility Minutes 


Get some good extra training in this weekend along with some Yoga at Tally and Killearn! 

Lift of the Day:

SJ Cycle Week 6 

Bench Press 3x3 Across 

Work up to a heavy 3 rep weight. Perfom 3 sets of 3 reps at that weight. 
15 Minutes 

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)

Wall Ball



150 Wall Balls 20/14lbs 10/9'

For time. 
Time Limit: 15 Minutes

Coach's Note:

Today is not very detailed. This is going to be all about mental toughness. Get your shoulders warmed up with some shoulder ROM, then off to 100 doubleunders for time. Practice good technique, not what just feels more comfortable. Many of us can often become "successful" in a not so good position or technique. We think its ok because we see results. Changing that technique to something safer or more efficient may cause you to not be "as good" as it was before. That's ok. Relearning in the right way will allow for better progression and overall success in the future. This will hold true to almost everything. There is no reason to do something the wrong way. Always practice the better, more efficient technique. It's summer time so you know we have to hit the bench press. The bench press is a great tool for developing strength through the chest, shoulders and arms and back. Even your midline or core because you have to keep that activated and working for you. We don't bench often but we can get a lot of useful work out of it when we do. Work to a hard 3 rep weight and finish with 3 sets of 3 reps at the same weight. Finally is Karen. This a CrossFit Benchmark Wod. Finishing Karen is a good job. 150 reps of anything is a lot. It can also be very daunting to just see the number 150. You are getting a 15 time cap for this. If you did 10 wall balls every minute, you will complete Karen in the time frame. The best Karen times are under 5 minutes. Break it into smaller chunks. Don't let the number get to you mentally. Keep grinding away and work hard to finish these. Wall balls come with their own technique. Check the video below to get you into better rhythm with your wall balls.

Coach Jon

This is a great double under progression video. Keep practicing!

Great wall ball video and things to keep in mind and practice.

Greg KeeterComment