Crew Cut


Row 500m
20 Romanian Deadlifts w/bar
10 Back Extensions


Hamstrings & Lumbar: Banded Goodmornings, Foam Rolling, Voodoo Floss
Mobility Minutes


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Lift of the Day:

Deadlift 1RM

20 Minutes

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)



Crew Cut

Row 1K for time. 
Rest as needed. Max rest 5 minutes
Row 1k for time.  

Coach's Note:

Time to retest the dead lift. The dead lift is probably the most functional movement there is next to the squat. Along with the squat, dead lifts will greatly increase overall strength in the body. This will test all areas of your body including your trunk and midline. Be careful that you're not trying to lift more than you should. When positioning goes in this lift, it is time to stop. An easy way to take yourself out of the game is to push this lift beyond your capabilities. Challenge yourself, you may surprise yourself, but keep good back posture. This lift will follow the 3 attempt rule and you will not be allowed to lower the weight on the bar. Be smart of your weight increases. The 2, 1,000m rows will test your conditioning. Go hard on each one. With a max rest of 5 minutes, your 2 times should not be far off each other if at all. Focus on proper pulling and recovering mechanics. This will put you in a much better place for consistency than just doing whatever, back and forth. Utilize the data on the rower during your efforts. Try to maintain a similar or identical, pace each time.

Coach Jon

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