Kettle Cooked


Tabata Doubleunders
Warm-up Movements


Hamstrings & Lumbar: Banded Goodmornings, Foam Rolling, Voodoo Floss
Mobility Minutes


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Kettle Cooked

5 Right Arm/Leg Overhead Kettlebell Lunges 24/16kg (In Place) (Rx+ 32/24kg)
5 Left Arm/Leg Overhead Kettlebell Lunges 24/16kg (In Place)(Rx+ 32/24kg)
10 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 24/16kg (Rx+ 32/24kg)
10 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg (Rx+ 32/24kg)
20 Doubleunders (Rx+ 50 Unbroken)
Rest 1 Minute

25 Minute AMRAP
Score rounds and reps. 

Coach's Note:

Today is another full day of kettle bells. With overhead lunges, sumo deadlift high pulls, and full kettle bell swings, you will have your fill. The day starts with a tabata doubleunder warm-up. Use this time to gauge where you might be in the wod with your doubleunder reps. The goal for today's wod is to move quickly though each round with as minimal break time as possible. There is a 1 minute mandatory break after each round so try to keep that as your only break time. Once you start a round, do your best to quickly and properly move though it. There is an Rx+ option that should only be attempted if you can keep full control of the bell. Just because you can do something more challenging doesn't always mean you should. If the Rx+ version is slowing you down to the point you have to break multiple times during the rounds, you should not be doing it here. Each round should be quick and unbroken if possible. Have fun and happy friday!

Coach Jon