School Zone


Partner Row 1,500m (Switch every 250m)
Not for time. 

Group Syncro Bar Work: Snatch

  1. Position 1x5
  2. Position 2x5
  3. Position 3x5 (Slow with short pause at each position)

Group Syncro Bar Work: Clean & Jerk

  1. Position 1x5
  2. Position 2x5
  3. Position 3x5 (Slow with short pause at each position)
  4. Jerk Balance x5


Hips & Quads: Banded Hip Distraction, Wall Stretch, Voodoo Floss
Calves & Ankles: Calf/Achilles Smash, Banded Ankle Distraction
Shoulders & Thoracic: 3 Way Stretch, T-Spine Rolling, Trap Smash


Catch the Doc at 3:30 tomorrow at Tally! 

Lift of the Day:

Work up to a heavy Snatch

12 Minutes

Work up to a heavy Clean & Jerk

12 Minutes
(Not a 1RM attempt. 2 fails and you're done)  

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)

  • Snatch
  • GHD Sit-up
  • Hip Extension


School Zone

10 Alternating Dumbell Squat Snatches (Choose weight) 
20 GHD Sit-ups
10 Bottoms up Kettelbell Strict Press (Choose weight)
20 Hip Extensions

2 Rounds not for time. 
No Measure. 

Coach's Note:

On days like today, where there are a handful of mobility options, pick one piece out of each area. Mobility time should be kept to around 10 minutes. Depending on time and flow, that time can adjust accordingly. Today we are getting some practice work in with our Oly lifts. You will get 12 minutes to work up to a heavy load in the snatch and clean and jerk. "Heavy" does not mean going for a new PR or a 1RM. "Heavy" means working up to a challenging load while not missing or failing to achieve that load. You are being given a two fail rule. If you fail 2 lifts, you are now done with that lift. Keep this in mind while deciding weight changes. The reason for the fail does not matter and it is not a 2 fail per number change on the bar. From the time you begin your snatches, if you fail 2 times regardless of the weight, you are now done with that lift. Same for the clean and jerk. If you hit the 2 fail rule before the 12 minutes are up, you can drill the next lift with the bar but can not add weights until the timer is reset for you. The Wod is just some accessory work. It is not for time and is not being score. You can choose your weights on the dumbbell squat snatch and bottoms up kettle bell strict press. You can change those weights at any time during the wod as well. Find something you can move perfectly but is still challenging. Remember the newbies do not do GHD sit-ups. You must have been with us, consistently, for more than a month before we will start slowly, working you into them. If this is you, do not even ask. Instead you can replace them with abmat sit-ups and double the reps. 

Here are two great videos for the bottoms up clean and the bottoms up press. We are focusing on the press today but you will have to clean it into position.