Weeble Wobble


  1. Tabata Doubleunders 
  2. Squat Therapy x20 w/pvc
  3. Hang Snatch x10 w/bar


Shoulders & Thoracic: Pancakes, T-Spine Rolling, Trap Smash
Mobility Minutes


Labor Day Hours: No early morning hours but all other hours are a go!

Lift of the Day:

Heavy Hang Snatch: 15 Minutes

Work to a heavy hang snatch with good form. 
Heavy means NOT a 1RM.
2 fails and you're done.

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


Weeble Wobble

50 Back Squats 135/95lbs
100 Doubleunders
Run 400m

For time.
Time Limit: 10 Minutes
(No Rack)