That was it?


Tic Tac Toe

10 Burpees for losing team per match
If no one wins everyone does 5 burpees.

Followed by:

Walking Lunge 10m
Walking Lunge Backward 10m
Walking Lunge 10m


Hip External Rotation w/flexion

Lift of the Day:

Back Squat 5x3 Across
2x10 Standing Lunge

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


That was it?

Row 100m
Rest 90 Seconds

5 Rounds
Score each round for time.

3 Minute Rest

Row 1 Minute for Meters

Auxiliary Work:

3 Ring Row/Muscle-up Transitions
3 Ring Dips
3 Skin the Cats

5 Rounds NFT