Somethings you may not know . . .

Not everyone knows we offer . . .

  • Blue towels to wipe off your sweat, and for cleaning up chalk, etc.
  • Free Chiropractic visits as part of your full CrossFit plan at Pathways Chiropractic twice a week.
  • New stuff in the vending machine including cooled wrist sweat bands, coconut water and other goodies . . .
  • A fridge for storing your drinks and it has ice too!
  • Auxiliary training for those looking to do more than the wod.
  • A charging station for iPhones and other devices.
  • Free Wifi . . .
  • Myzone to track your workouts in a new way.
  • Dog treats for your dog along with necessary bags and such too. :)
  • Partner workouts on Saturdays!
  • Yoga on Sundays (Starting back in August)
  • Personal training. See Coach Pat and he will tune you up!
  • Discounts on supplements at Pick Coach Pat and he'll get some credit . . .

And we are always on the lookout for new stuff. If you have an idea or want something let us know and we will do our best to get it.

Greg KeeterComment