M = Mountain Climbers 100 reps OR 4 Muscle-ups each, ring or bar, 1 MU=10 Mountain Climbers)  (one person at a time)
A = Ab Mat Sit-ups with med ball toss (work together) 26  reps 20/14lb
R = Run 400m Holding Medball (2x 200) (relay style one at a time) 20/14lb
I =  Isometric L-sit Hold on rings OR Isometric Horizontal GHD Sit-up hold (20 second hold EACH) one person at a time
A = Alternating Lunges (partners face each other, lunge and toss med ball to each other) 26 reps

4 Rounds of above then;

155 Single Jumps OR 80 Doubleunders - can work together on this one!

For time.

* Teams of 2.  Mixed groups use 14 lb ball.  Work one at a time and split reps as desired unless stated otherwise.

Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico on Wednesday 9/20, making landfall as a powerful Category 4 storm with 155-mph winds, according to the National Hurricane Center. It left 100% of the island without power. Over 40 inches of rain fell in some area.  At least 13 people died.

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