Round 2

Workout Of the Day:

Complete 21 - 15 - 9 reps of each:

Deadlift, 225/155lbs
Burpees over the bar
Toes to bar

Training time: 10 - 12 minutes, 12 minute cap.

Believe it or not but you can hurt your biceps doing the deadlift wrong. Using your hands does not mean it’s an arm exercise. Machines make you think that. Join #cftally and we will teach you proper form. Click the link in our bio to setup your first workout. #youcandoittoo #tomorrowswod #tallahasseefitness #crossfit #tallahassee #tallyfitness #tallahasseecrossfit #Repost @lustrengththerapy ・・・ 🚨 DEADLIFT: USE YOUR ARMS AS HOOKS [deadlift analogy] 🚨 Special thanks to Eugen (@pheasyque) for another great illustration! ________________________ One of the most common mistakes during the deadlift is not effectively taking the slack out of the barbell. While there may be different reasons for not properly taking the slack out of the barbell, one analogy that has helped with my clients is to imagine that the arms are ropes and that the hands are hooks. The biceps should not be "contracting" and trying to pick the barbell off the ground as this could lead to compensation and even serious injury. Not taking slack out of the barbell can cause: 🔥 Potential bicep tears and injuries 💣 Lower back pain and compensation of different muscle groups 💥 Not effectively using leg drive to lift barbell off the ground Taking the slack out of the barbell: 1️⃣ Protects the lifters from any bicep injuries 2️⃣ Properly engages the hips and legs to lift barbell off ground 3️⃣ Provides maximal tension to reduce the amount of compensation/injury Remember to focus on driving the feet into the ground oppose to prematurely lifting the hips upwards to lift the barbell off the ground. Proper leg drive along with using the rope/hook analogy can dramatically help with your deadlift! . 🚨 LEAVE A LIKE AND TAG A FRIEND THAT DEADLIFTS! 🚨 . #LuStrengthTherapy #Squat #BenchPress #Deadlift #Powerlifting #crossfit

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