Supreme Excellence and Discomfort

Lift of the Day:

Front Squat (3x15 across)

Mainsite 180731

Complete 15 - 12 - 9 reps of:

Sumo deadlift high pull
Chest to bar pull-up

Men use: 135lbs
Women use: 95lbs

Training Time: 7 - 9 minutes, 9 minutes cap.

One challenge that many new to #crossfit face is their own ego. At #cftally our workouts are designed to challenge even the most accomplished athlete. At times we all feel like we got this but this can be your ego talking. Our coaches work to help everyone understand what is important is not whether you can do the workout as written but that the workout is right for you today. Likewise changing the way you run (even if you are already fast) or even how you breathe can challenge your ego. First you have to admit you could do better then in all likelihood you will have to accept a short term lost of performance to make a larger long term gain. Are you willing to set your ego aside? #youcandoittoo #cftally #tallahasseecrossfit #tallyfitness #tallahasseefitness #tallahassee #Repost @_brianmackenzie ・・・ it’s not that easy. or is it? __ many, many humans reach out about their dysfunctional noses. i know, i too suffered from dont know nose-itis. i busted my nose once by having a branch smashed into may face and second a water polo ball at full throttle (whatever that meant then). i can drive a truck up one side, and a pin needle up the other side of my nose. meaning, my septum is deviated worse than the leaning tower of pisa. i operate at well over 90% MHR now, this progressively took 2yrs of development at this point. i am not a very patient person, nonetheless, the benefits in the first month of what i experienced (and understand about our chemistry, mechanics and state) far outweighed anything else i had been working on. so i let it ride. take a good look at the level of intensity @tiaclair1 is using here. this may be where most of us need to start. some a little harder. @jamesnewbury 1yr+ ago went from only being able to hold <140HR nasal breathing to 170hr in about 6 weeks. yes, he is special, and yet another aussie (they are very hard to kill apparently). the following wko comes up this week on PSE Pro (@powerspeedendurance | link in bio too): || 2-3x || 3:30 on 4:00 easy 3:00 on 3:30 easy 2:00 on Use nasal only breathing as much as possible. Go no harder than a nasal inhale, mouth exhale. Rest between efforts until HR <99 BPM or you can perform 3 consecutive

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