Elite Fitness = High Quality of Life

Our philosophy at CrossFit Tallahassee (CFTally) is that with the right environment,  inspired coaching, and innovative workouts we can help anyone achieve peak physical fitness, and then get even better. Our process helps you increase what really matters; physical capacity and ability. This includes things like cardio vascular endurance, stamina, power and coordination among others. More of this stuff means you can do more in your everyday life.

That's how you create a high quality of life.

Why get fit?

  • Fit people live longer.
    • Who doesn't want to live longer?
  • Fit people deal with stress better.
    • The fitter you are the better able you are to handle whatever life throws your way.
  • Fit people have more fun!
    • Extra physical capacity creates more fun. It means having energy to do more than than just survive it means flourishing.

What is Elite Fitness?

When we say elite fitness we mean you achieve an elite level of fitness compared to your potential. 

Everyone can create an elite level for fitness for themselves. This doesn't mean they can successfully compete in the Olympics! It means you can create a more fit version of yourself. An elite version of yourself that is more fit than any other time in your life!

The level of physical ability a person has is largely determined by the physical challenges they often experience. You can be stronger, more coordinated, have more stamina but only if you need them. Wanting is not the same as needing. 

Why Choose us?

  • We are good at what we do.
    • We became a CrossFit affiliate in 2009 and have many multi-year members to show for our success.
    • When our members leave Tallahassee they HATE to leave us. Read our client stories and hear it in their own words.
  • We  create long term sustainable fitness.
    • We want you to be a multi-year member because you love the process and the results you get!
    • Our years of coaching experience means we know how to keep you working out even if you have pre-existing limitations.

Our Location

We are located at 504 Capital Circle SE just south of Park/Conner Ave in the Capital Circle Commercial Center. See the map to the right.

Our Equipment 

At CFTally we have all the equipment you can think of plus a bunch you've probably never heard of! Of course we have Olympic bars and weights but also fun things like ropes, rings and a huge pull-up rig. The list is long. At 5,000 feet we also have plenty of room for everyone.

Our Workouts

Our workouts follow the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied functional movements. Our coaches and members keep the intensity high so everyone gets better, fitter and have fun doing it!

We work hard to follow CrossFit methodology so you get the maximum benefit. 

Call us today!

If you like what you read then give us a call today and start the process of creating the fitness you want! It will change your life.